14-16 May 2019

Live from the World Retail Congress in Amsterdam

The Store WPP, in partnership with The World Retail Congress, broadcasted live across the world at the end of each day of the 2019 Congress. With analysis of the day’s events, interviews with global retail leaders by David Roth and a lot more. Each hour broadcast is a unique masterclass in the challenges facing retailers in today’s changing world and delivers unique insights.

If you missed the live broadcasts you can watch each program here. You can also just listen to individual interviews. Just click relevant the links below. Happy watching.


Catch up with the World's Biggest and Most Cutting Edge Retailers

We broadcasted live at the close of each day of the World Retail Congress in Amsterdam from the 14-16 May 2019. If you missed out watching this live on the day, this is your chance to catch-up and watch the summary footage. Each of our three daily digests include a summary of the day and interviews with some of the key speakers from the congress.